Saturday, September 5, 2009

Patchwork Bag

I went to KD blog and fell in love with her Denim Patch Bags. She told me she uses 5" X 5" or 6" X 6" for the squares.  So I made one for myself yesterday, coz I wanted my bag to be small I used 4" X 4" squares.  After cutting, sewing and completion I excitedly showed the bag to my hubby. 

(Sakit hati pun ada nak tergelak pun ada, nasib baik lah isteri dia ni bukan jenis perasa.  Mat Salleh memang macam tu straight to the point. Tapi apa yang dia kata ada betul nya, sebab size kecik aja nampak pelik pulak!)

I modified it and this is the final result.  Hubby said 'OK'.
Close up picture of the inside
" Nak buat satu lagi, kali ni nak ikut exactly macam pattern KD, boleh ya KD "

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