Friday, October 30, 2009

Recycling - Denim Bag

This denim dress I made around 1998 - at that time we were residing in Accra, Ghana. It's a loose sun dress size S. Obviously I cannot wear it now - I have been expanding sideways - what size I'm not telling - trying to lose weight - how I wish my Dear Hubby would accompany me for my jogging - with him around I won't get the hoots and whistles. Bye2 to the dress, I cut it and made it into a Buttercup Bag. That's one thing about denim fabric - very durable fabric if you ask me.

The recycled Denim Bag.

I added some beading to the bag, so that it won't be so plain. But my sister said the bag is a bit on the small side. Her recommendation is to make the bag bigger with longer strap.

More bag

I made another bag using KD pattern again - I'm so in love with this pattern. I used a traditional native fabric call 'Pua Kumbu' - hand woven by the Iban tribe. Pua Kumbu can be found in Sarawak (Malaysia) and Kalimantan ( Indonesia) - in the island of Borneo. 

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lagi, lagi Beg.

Beg ni saya siap semalam - tak puas hati dengan finishing product.  Batting yang saya gunakan terlalu nipis - hasilnya tak memuaskan.  Kali ni saya gunakan manik merah untuk menyemarakkan hearts tu.

closeup hearts


Ni dia begnya !

Monday, October 19, 2009

Yup ! My pondering yesterday was right

I collected my parcel today from Pos M’sia. Yup, it’s my Friendship Bag – came all the way from Andover, MN, USA . The sender is Ms Kim Kiley.

A BIG THANK YOU KIM. I was most delighted, I have been waiting and wondering from where the bag will come. Both of us are newbies to this bag swap. Kim has sent me a gorgeous bag, (thank you for all the effort you put into the making of the bag Kim.) I was also very touched in that she added goodies to the bag - a yo-yo maker, 3 fabrics quarters, a soap bar with very nice wording printed on it (“Friends are the flowers in the garden of life”) and she knitted me a wash cloth, all of which were a pleasant surprise.

So Kim, if you are reading this could you please send me your email address.

Thank you Pos M’sia – the parcel was intact and was not tampered with. Well Done!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pos Malaysia Oh Pos Malaysia !

I got this reminder from Pos Malaysia last Friday. Written on it is "LAST REMINDER" !!!!!! HOW COULD IT BE LAST REMINDER WHEN I HAVE YET TO RECEIVE THE FIRST REMINDER !!!!!!!! Many times in the past the postman has left somebody else's letters in my letterbox (often stapled together with documents with my street address) and being a good neighbour I have passed the letters to the right address. But I'm getting really tired of their carelessness, lack of duty and the clearly don't care-less attitude of the postal service

I am going to Pos Malaysia tomorrow to collect this parcel. I ponder whether it is my expected friendship bag.

My friendship bag went to Norway. I sent it on the 17th Sept. by EMS (EE 926673180 MY) coz I don't trust ordinary airmail. I did the tracking - the bag was successfully delivered on the 22nd Sept. I haven't received any news yet from the recipient. Ms. Ida I hope you received the bag safe and sound. That reminded me I haven' t written to Michele Foster about the posting of the bag. Sorry Michele, I will write after I finished doing this posting.

PS. I deleted my name and address from the image, you never know there might be some psycho out there who might abuse that information.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tadaaa ! ! ! ! !

Siap dah !!!!!

and guess

What is this going to be !!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Beg Lagi !

Virus beg ni bahaya sikit kalau dah terkena susah nak sembuh.  Entah lah kenapa semenjak 2 menjak ni hati suka sangat nak buat beg.

Beg ni saya buat selepas sembuh dari demam (26th Sept).  Pattern ni patten beg KD, sebab nak size kecik saya buat sekali lagi 4' X 4', kali ni tiru betul2 pattern KD tapi tak siap2 !!!!!!!!!!

Sebab saya dah beralih arah buat size yang besar pulak,  yang ni 5' X 5'.  Beg ni saya buat semalam. Besok2 kalau rajin nak tambah manik, ye lah tu butang pun belum jahit lagi.

Cerita Selepas Hari Raya

Ramadhan dah berlalu, Syawal still going on. Bulan puasa saya memang malas nak update blog ni. Hari Raya tak banyak nak cerita - orang lain beraya sakan, saya pulak demam sakan! Demam dah mula  dua tiga hari sebelum raya. Demam ni pelik sikit dan panjang - waktu siang selalunya kira2 lepas zohor badan rasa seram sejuk dan suhu badan naik. Jadi raya saya buat ala kadar aje.  Buat 2 jenis kek, 2 jenis biskut, yang lain2 beli aje dan kawan2 bagi.  Malam raya saya gagahkan diri masuk dapur masak rendang dan kari - suami kata tak payah tapi tak sampai hati pulak tak masak apa2 menjelang raya. Ketupat kena masak pagi raya sebab dah tak larat nak masak waktu malam.  Raya dok rumah aje takut demam berjangkit kat orang lain.

Selepas raya lain pulak cerita mulai 29th Sept - 7th Okt, saya dah sibuk dari  8.30 pagi sampai 10.30 malam. Kami berkampung kat Eastword Valley Golf & Country Club. Adoiiii penat sekali tapi seronok (tapi dlm seronok ada jua geram coz kamera saya meragam), nasib baik suami sporting orang nya. Yang ini nanti cerita kat entry yang lain sebab ada gambar yang nak upload kawan yang snap.