Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jewellery Making

I'm back! Biasa lah bulan puasa ni sibuk sedikit, sedaya upaya cuba meningkat amal ibadah di bulan yang mulia ni. Perkembangan terbaru dah join Facebook, bukan apa sebab nak main Farm Town game, teringin sangat nak jadi farmer. Adoi! melalut pulak, tajuk Jewellery making tapi cerita benda lain pulak.

I love all sorts of jewellery, both including buying and making them. I enjoy playing around with pearls, crystal beads, wires etc, to create jewellery. The finished products give me a lot of satisfaction and if not I will take it apart. Most of my creations have been bought by friends and some are given away as gifts. I regret I didn't take pictures of all the items I have made in the past either sold or given away. Below is a sample of a necklace I made, enjoy the pictures.

Fresh water pearl, crystal beads and Jadeite Necklace

Closeup picture of the jadeite

Closeup picture of the freshwater pearl and crystal beads

Lihat lah kucing kesayangan ku ini, suka buat kacau kalau saya buat kerja, rajin pulak enter frame kalau saya ambil gambar. Sayang Blackie.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Marhaban, Marhaban Yaa Ramadhan

Ramadhan Mubarak. Alhamdullillah Ramadhan bulan yang mulia berkunjung lagi. Kat blog ni saya mengambil kesempatan mengucapkan selamat menunai ibadah puasa untuk seluruh umat islam di mana jua berada. Sama2 lah kita berdoa semoga ibadah kita diterima dan diberkati Allah. Amin.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Friendship Bag Swap

Yesterday I registered my participation in the Friendship Bag Swap. I throughly enjoyed doing the bag and I hope my swap partner will enjoy receiving it just as much.


For the fabrics I went for a flowery motif but with different coloured patterns and a dark denim fabric. Sorry - forgot to snap picture of the denim fabric.

The bag bodies and the two straps ready to be sewn.

The two sides and the bottom are attached.

And quilted.

VOILA ! The Friendship Bag is Done !!

guarded by my favourite tiger.


The past 2 weeks have been really lousy weeks. My Acer laptop got infected by a Trojan virus. My cantankerous HP laptop crashed on me. My moody Dell wouldn't allow me to upload pictures to my blog and refused to print my hexagons template. And to top all this heartache my broadband connection was down for 3 days. GRrrrrrrrrrrr..............

All are OK now. My lappies are doing well, no more viruses, with cantankerous and moody moods. But the weather here in Miri has been really moody this whole week.

Back to my quilting, I didn't do much on my lap quilt, most of the time I'm crocheting and quilting Ana's quilt. Yesterday I joined the Friendship Bag Swap. I cut, sewed and completed the bag yesterday too.

Quality Control. Blackie is inspecting my lap quilt.

And this is what she thinks of my quilt.

Next entry will be about Friendship Bag Swap

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lap Quilt in progress

Cut 3½" X 3½" squares.

Cut 3⅞" X 3⅞" squares (yellow & green fabric).

Place yellow fabric over green fabric (3⅞" squares) and draw a line across the centre ( ref. pict). Sew ¼" from the centre line.

Cut the middle line

to make triangle-square.

Yup..... I'm making a Pinwheel Star.