Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lap Quilt in progress

Cut 3½" X 3½" squares.

Cut 3⅞" X 3⅞" squares (yellow & green fabric).

Place yellow fabric over green fabric (3⅞" squares) and draw a line across the centre ( ref. pict). Sew ¼" from the centre line.

Cut the middle line

to make triangle-square.

Yup..... I'm making a Pinwheel Star.


  1. Very nice color combination.

  2. Thanks. My computer kena virus, habis my file - gone.Having difficulty updating my blog. Pinjam JB punya comp. tapi bila I insert my SD card his comp. wanted to reformat my SD card -GERAM!!!. So hv 2 used my dell comp. Don't like Dell coz of VISTA, I'm use 2 window XP - old fashion lo.