Thursday, August 20, 2009


The past 2 weeks have been really lousy weeks. My Acer laptop got infected by a Trojan virus. My cantankerous HP laptop crashed on me. My moody Dell wouldn't allow me to upload pictures to my blog and refused to print my hexagons template. And to top all this heartache my broadband connection was down for 3 days. GRrrrrrrrrrrr..............

All are OK now. My lappies are doing well, no more viruses, with cantankerous and moody moods. But the weather here in Miri has been really moody this whole week.

Back to my quilting, I didn't do much on my lap quilt, most of the time I'm crocheting and quilting Ana's quilt. Yesterday I joined the Friendship Bag Swap. I cut, sewed and completed the bag yesterday too.

Quality Control. Blackie is inspecting my lap quilt.

And this is what she thinks of my quilt.

Next entry will be about Friendship Bag Swap

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