Saturday, January 23, 2010

Making of a HAT

It seems to me that time passes so fast; 2/3 of January has passed by. I’m having difficulty in concentrating on my sewing. Our house at the moment is not a conducive place in which to do anything. We removed our stuff from storage last Wednesday. Our house is really topsy turvy, stuff all over the place even spilt over to the patio. Sure is life………full of bliss emmmm.

Yesterday I managed to cut and complete the sewing of a hat. This is my first attempt, I had been thinking about doing it for quite sometime but kept putting it off. The out come……It’s OK….. but I am not fully satisfied….. It needs lots of improvement.

Polka Dot N Stripe Set.


  1. Looks really good!!! I want to learn to make the hat too!!!