Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pos Malaysia Oh Pos Malaysia !

I got this reminder from Pos Malaysia last Friday. Written on it is "LAST REMINDER" !!!!!! HOW COULD IT BE LAST REMINDER WHEN I HAVE YET TO RECEIVE THE FIRST REMINDER !!!!!!!! Many times in the past the postman has left somebody else's letters in my letterbox (often stapled together with documents with my street address) and being a good neighbour I have passed the letters to the right address. But I'm getting really tired of their carelessness, lack of duty and the clearly don't care-less attitude of the postal service

I am going to Pos Malaysia tomorrow to collect this parcel. I ponder whether it is my expected friendship bag.

My friendship bag went to Norway. I sent it on the 17th Sept. by EMS (EE 926673180 MY) coz I don't trust ordinary airmail. I did the tracking - the bag was successfully delivered on the 22nd Sept. I haven't received any news yet from the recipient. Ms. Ida I hope you received the bag safe and sound. That reminded me I haven' t written to Michele Foster about the posting of the bag. Sorry Michele, I will write after I finished doing this posting.

PS. I deleted my name and address from the image, you never know there might be some psycho out there who might abuse that information.

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