Monday, October 19, 2009

Yup ! My pondering yesterday was right

I collected my parcel today from Pos M’sia. Yup, it’s my Friendship Bag – came all the way from Andover, MN, USA . The sender is Ms Kim Kiley.

A BIG THANK YOU KIM. I was most delighted, I have been waiting and wondering from where the bag will come. Both of us are newbies to this bag swap. Kim has sent me a gorgeous bag, (thank you for all the effort you put into the making of the bag Kim.) I was also very touched in that she added goodies to the bag - a yo-yo maker, 3 fabrics quarters, a soap bar with very nice wording printed on it (“Friends are the flowers in the garden of life”) and she knitted me a wash cloth, all of which were a pleasant surprise.

So Kim, if you are reading this could you please send me your email address.

Thank you Pos M’sia – the parcel was intact and was not tampered with. Well Done!

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