Friday, October 30, 2009

Recycling - Denim Bag

This denim dress I made around 1998 - at that time we were residing in Accra, Ghana. It's a loose sun dress size S. Obviously I cannot wear it now - I have been expanding sideways - what size I'm not telling - trying to lose weight - how I wish my Dear Hubby would accompany me for my jogging - with him around I won't get the hoots and whistles. Bye2 to the dress, I cut it and made it into a Buttercup Bag. That's one thing about denim fabric - very durable fabric if you ask me.

The recycled Denim Bag.

I added some beading to the bag, so that it won't be so plain. But my sister said the bag is a bit on the small side. Her recommendation is to make the bag bigger with longer strap.

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